Top Vehicle Wrap Trends For 2016

Adding visual impact to your car and making it compatible with your personality is what vehicle wrapping is all about. Car painting is now out of the question. It has been replaced and knocked out by vehicle wraps. Vehicle wraps are basically a replacement of car paints and they give your car a more classy or catchy finish, but this is just the beginning.

Top Vehicle Wrap Trends For 2016

3 Vehicle Wrap Trends For 2016

Vehicle wrapping itself is a huge net. There are different types of wrapping that people want to get done on their vehicles. Today we will discuss about the top vehicle wrap trends for 2016, which include:

  • Matte Finishes
  • Custom Graphic Wraps
  • Textured Wrapping

Matte Finishes

The moment we hear the word “Matte”, we start imaging a non-glossy, royal and classic look. Matte wrapping is the most trending vehicle wrap type these days. The reason behind this is that nowadays people don’t prefer the factory applied gloss paint, they prefer less shinier and sober colors.

Matte Finish Wraps

Matte wraps attract a lot more attention than any other finishes. For example, matte black wraps give your car a stealth look. City lights can turn a glossy car into nothing but a minor reflection at night, but your matte wrapped car will rule the roads wherever you drive them.

Custom Graphic Wraps

Vinyl vehicle wraps emerged as a substitute for auto paints in 1933 in Germany, when the vinyl manufacturer KPMF was asked to produce films that could cover cars completely and used as a substitute for paint.

Vinyl graphic wraps are intended for advertising purposes or simply to turn your vehicle into a head-turning machine if you opt for a custom graphic wrap.

Custom Graphic Wraps

Graphic wraps are very easy to apply, remove and re-apply. Graphic wraps are on the same level with any other vinyl wraps. They play a dual role for the customer: marketing as well as attention magnets. Turning your car into a graphically wrapped car will not only make it look great, but it will also help you in marketing or advertising if the graphics have details about a product or company.

Textured Wrapping

Textured car wrapping is basically a subpart of other vehicle wraps, but is being preferred and loved so much by people that it can be considered as a category itself.

Textured Car Wraps

Cool looking textures, such as leather or different types of patterns, will really give your car a unique appearance if you opt for textured vehicle wrapping. Textured wrapping is not about what can be expressed in words, all it needs is some show time.

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