Boat Wraps or Paint Job – Which One is Better?

This question about “boat wraps or paint job?” has always been there on everyone’s mind who is concerned about his/her boat. Today we are here to specifically talk about vinyl boat wraps and custom paint jobs. Choosing between wrapping and painting is not a difficult task, but it varies from person to person.

Boat Wraps or Paint Job - Which One is Better?

Why Choose Boat Wraps?

First, we will discuss how wrapping a boat can be better than painting. Boat wrapping is something relative new to the world. We are all aware that wrapped vehicles catch more attention than ordinary painted cars and so is the case with boats.

All the marine enthusiasts who frequently visit shores and beaches with their boats want to seek attention of as many people as possible. This can only be done if your boat is wrapped with amazing 3-d graphics or vinyl sheets. Boat wraps will completely change the image of your boat and you will always be eager to take it out in the waters.

The art of wrapping boats has one advantage over paint jobs; advertisements. One can put an eye catching advertisement on the boat with its own image. This looks beautiful while the boat floats in the water.

Why Choose Boat Paint Job?

Wrapping boats in vinyl is something relative new as said above, so it is very difficult to find good wrappers to get your boat wrapped. Paint jobs are something that was available from the beginning, and as it is said “old is gold”.

Painting may be simpler than vinyl wraps, but they are more durable than wraps in water. Something to keep in consideration is that now there’s a variety of paint colors are available, and you can get your boat painted in an abstract manner which will definitely look better than any boat wrap. Also, if you want to do something very different, then you have to loosen your pocket and go for fluorescent candy paints. Such paints will look normal in the sun, but as the sun goes below the horizon, you will start catching the attention of everybody nearby.

Boat Wraps or Paint Job

Choosing between a boat wrap and paint job is not difficult, it’s just a matter of choice and priority.

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