How To Maintain a Vehicle Wrap

On this article you will learn the best ways on how to maintain a vehicle wrap. A vinyl wrap on a car needs a different type of care, but nothing that will break your bank or that is hard to apply.

Vinyl wraps is not only the most creative way to flaunt your vehicle, but also one of the most effective and approved methods of advertising. Are you planning to get one for your car anytime soon? Or Did you get it already? However aesthetically pleasing a wrap makes your car, it needs a tad more care than your normal car. Getting a vinyl car wrap frequently might not be friendly to your pocket, thus one has to ensure that the vehicle wrap shines brightly for a long period of time. We would like you know it is not rocket science at all.

Once you get a vinyl wrap from us; that is not the end of the relation we share with you. We are here to help you upkeep your wrap and replenish it, if something unfortunate happens to it. But with these tips to care for your vehicle wrap, you might not need us very often.

Causes Of Vinyl Vehicle Wrap Degradation

We would like to start off this article by clearly stating the causes for vinyl wrap degradation. There are two causes generally:

  1. The mighty sun beats down upon your wrap all throughout the day. Wherever you may go, whatever you may do, your car is braving the sun all day to keep you cool inside. The ultra violet rays from the sun, as we have studied well in our science textbooks in formal classes, are harmful. They can make your car wrap dull, make it brittle and crack it off.
  2. The air we breathe is replete with pollutants. Vehicle wraps are sensitive to pollutants in the sense that these pollutants settle down on the wraps whenever you are out. A thin layer of pollutants is formed on these vehicle wraps. Once, this layer is exposed to some water in the form of dew, an acid is formed, that has the ability to eat away your vinyl wrap.

We don’t want to just dictate you how to clean your wraps, we want to rather empower you by telling you what could harm it. Now, let’s move on to how to protect your vinyl wrap from degradation and cracking up. Using these methods to keep your car wrap clean and new would make all your wrap-life related tensions go away.

Washing The Vehicle Wrap on Your Car

When feel the car is getting dirty, step out of it and take a soft cloth and wipe it please. Use warm water to first spill all the dust aside and then clean it with a sponge. One could also use a detergent, choose one that is not too much chemically charged. There are certain well suited detergents for vehicle wraps, choose them. We would recommend not going into a brush car wash, as the edges of your wrap might taper off. Applying pressure while washing, as is generally done in car servicing, might be fit for the fine paint that companies give you, but not for car wraps. But still if you want to do it, ensure that the pressure is not really high, say something below 10 Mpa. Avoid streaming water at an angle to the body.

Fuel Spillovers

Things that cannot be washed off easily must be scraped off gently, but firmly. Bird droppings, tree sap, etc. Use warm water to soften the stains and then scrub it off gently. The stores have ample bottles of detergents to remove these stains too. For the cars that have vinyl coating over the fuel port as well, you must be wary of any fuel spillovers. Vinyl coatings can be out-rightly degraded by such fuel spillovers. Clean them as soon as possible.

A Protective Car Wrap Layer

Prevention is better than cure, always. When you get a vinyl wrap, one should be wise enough to get a protective solution with it. Car wax can be used to fight off the dirt and pollutants that might harm your glossy or print design wrap with lamination. But one has to be careful in selection and application of the protective measure. Apply as per the manufacturers advice.

Never use such protection measures on matte finish wraps. However, as far as texture finish vehicle wraps are concerned, be it brush metal or carbon fibers, bottle protectants can be used.