Trailer Wraps

We are a vinyl wrapping company that designs and installs all types of trailer wraps in Houston, Texas. Whether you need if for design purposes or advertisement related, we have quality trailer wrap design and installation available at Houston Vehicle Wrap Experts. If you have a service or a product to offer and you own a trailer, we have the means to wrap it up in the most pleasing and attention grabbing vinyl ever, at the most affordable prices in Houston. After all the wide range of wraps that we have designed and installed, we have a clear understanding of the process of advertisement. We don’t work like mechanized robots churning out new designs and trailer wraps every now and then. Each employee gives his best to every single assignment that we have been allotted and we maintain the best quality at the same time.

Understanding Your Trailer Wrap Needs

First of all, your trailer wrap has to be designed. This design could be based on our pre-designed templates if you’re satisfied with them. Or what else do we have the wrap designers for?

If you have a creative idea regarding your advertising, then feel free to share it with us. We will try our best to get the ad as close to this idea as possible, and we do it all within your budget. Here at Houston Vehicle Wrap Experts, we always have a one on one session with our customers, in order to understand what is the image of the brand the customer wants to convey, and what kind of an impression is he looking out for. After due analysis, we pass on the assignment to our trailer wrap designers who then get on with their work. For the best quotes and cheapest prices for your vinyl trailer wrap in Houston, TX, contact us.

Our Excellent Trailer Wrap Design Team

Our trailer wrap design team is a well-equipped department with ample experience, out-of-the-box thinkers, and innovative artists. Once the general idea (on how your ad has to look like) is received, our creative planners create the overall structure of the ad, keeping in mind all the critical information that you want to be included in the trailer wrap. The structure is then passed on to the vinyl wrap designers, who are well versed with photo-editing software. They act on the lines of the overall structure, altering the course wherever they feel its better, staying in touch with the previous team at all times. Once the team is through with the design, we feel its better to show the final trailer wrap design to the customers for any last minute changes or improvements.

Standardized Trailer Wraps

After our customers have approved the trailer wrap, the design is then sent to the printers. Here, we rely on the highest quality printers and the most appropriate vinyl sheets that are available in Houston, Texas. Vinyl trailer wrapping is a tricky business, because the wrap has to sustain harsh climatic conditions. But we have got that covered. Through our research and experience, we have managed to select certain materials that are absolutely perfect for vinyl trailer wrapping.

The printing standards are constantly monitored, controlled, and are assured to be of the highest quality.

Then comes the trailer wrap installation, which is again a dicey process as it can ruin all the hard work you’ve already put in. But we have developed scientific methods to ensure that the trailer wraps are applied in the best way possible, without too many seams.

This is how we proceed with our work, every aspect of trailer wrapping is taken care of, diligently. We like our customers to know what exactly is happening with their investment at all times, it is their money after all. We believe in the quote that says “a satisfied customer is all you want while running a business”, and we proudly do all we can and achieve that. All trailer wraps are done in house, so that you can get the best product at the most affordable prices in Houston, TX. Don’t hesitate contacting us today.