Boat Wraps

Houston Vehicle Wrap Experts are here to provide you with the best boat wraps in Houston, TX. We have unique and attractive vinyl wrap designs for every boat lover in the Greater Houston & Galveston area. Our boat wraps will completely change the personality of your boat.

Boat Wraps Houston

Fed up of painting your boat? Don’t like cruising in your old boat? and do you live in Houston? If yes, then it’s time to leave all the worries behind and bring your boat to get it wrapped at our place. Wherever you go to; lakes, rivers, cruising in the ocean, your boat will leave an everlasting impression on every single viewer.

Why Boat Wraps

The need of boat wraps is basically in substitution of paint. Paint jobs on boats are very messy and time consuming. To reduce this time interval vinyl boat wraps are your best option.

Boat wraps not only create a stunning image, but they also help turn your boat into an advertising machine. Next time when you go fishing, you may or may not catch fishes, but we guarantee that your boat will catch a lot of attention.

A reason which makes boat wraps and vinyl graphics superior to paint is its protective properties. In comparison to paint, vinyl wraps protect your boat more effectively in water. The damage caused by water or harmful compounds present in water is controlled by boat wraps. The coating applied while wrapping the boat is done by highly skilled professionals.

One should go for boat wrapping in Houston, because wraps are quick to apply/remove, incredibly cheap, easy to repair and as a bonus they look really good.

Branding Your Products with Vinyl Boat Wraps

Yes, boat wraps done in an effective way can also brand your products and services in a unique way, all while you cross the waters with great speed. You will get into the eyes of so many potential customers for your brand and possible profits if you do it in the right way.

Do you see boats and ships floating over the water having banners of big companies? That’s the branding you need as well, and if you could at the same time make your boat look more beautiful while doing it, wouldn’t it be great?


The cost of maintenance of boat wraps is very low in comparison to paint jobs. One has to paint his/her boat almost continuously, but boat wraps don’t require changing or re-applying quite as often. They can go on for years if kept properly. Precautions are very few for boat wraps like cutting or tearing the vinyl should be avoided, other factors are dealt by the wrap itself. Since the boat is in constant contact with water, the vinyl wrap tends to fade away or rust soon, if not properly taken care of.

Benefits of Boat Wrapping

  • Minimum Cost Advertising
  • Better Protection
  • Ease to Apply/Remove
  • Brand Awareness
  • Fashion Tool

Here at Houston Vehicle Wrap Experts we believe that “cheap work isn’t good and good work isn’t cheap”. All we know is that we will make sure that every single penny spent by you seems worthy to you. Come in and find out why we provide the best boat wraps in Houston, Texas.