What Are Car Wraps and How Are They Used?

Car wraps are graphic vinyl sheets installed on the body of the car, to enhance and preserve its beauty. In addition to that usage, car wraps are used as a form of advertisement. They are also used to graphically voice absolutely personal desires or sentiments. Car wraps are available in vinyl sheets and bestow you with the privilege of changing the appearance of your car in a very brief period of time. They can be uninstalled from the vehicle quite easily when a professional is hired for the task.

What Are Car Wraps and How Are They Used?

Wrapping The Car Your Way

Car wraps put the power in your hand to fabricate the body of your car, according to your own desires. You also have the privilege to employ your choice of colors while doing it. The design, the color, all your specified details will be put in the wrap by the manufacturers and then installed into your ride. If you are not happy with the car wrap designs once implemented into the body of the vehicle, you can always get the wrap removed. It is a really less time consuming and hassle free process. With the considerable increase of your desired specifications and colors, the cost of the car wrap might increase a bit too much.

Processes Involved in A Car Wrap

The car wrap installation process actually occurs in three stages. The first stage involves acquiring accurate measurements for the vehicle, as well as drawing the design of the graphics that are to be applied. In the second phase, the graphic is first printed, then laminated to prevent the vinyl from abrasions and the UV rays that fade the graphics over time. The final stage is when the car wrap is actually applied to your vehicle.

Added Advantages of Car Wraps

Another point of flexibility of these car wraps, is that, you can acquire them for the full body of the car or for parts of it. Commonly referred to as partial car wraps, these fragmented wraps, are designed according to your budget and car size. Perhaps if you just want to display one single graphical message on your car, then one partial wrap will do the task for you. Your vehicle needs to be completely free of mud, wax, dust, oil, grease and all related products, as well as other agents, before the car wrap is applied on it. Their presence might hinder the successful installation of the wrap, because they prevent the vinyl from adhering completely to the vehicle’s surface.

Installing a wrap, for a big car like that of a full size sedan requires 2 to 3 days. Once the car wrap is installed, it can last approximately for five years. There might be little wrinkles or bubbles while installing the vinyl wrap on your car, and that is where the credibility of the installer lies. Flat surfaces do not cause much harm. Even in cases of wrinkles and bubbles, with the overpowering visible smoothness of the wrap, they become barely visible.

If car wraps are used as a medium of advertising, they are much cheaper in comparison to billboards or hoardings.

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