Should I Paint or Wrap My Car?

We all want our vehicles to look stunning, but we always face the dilemma whether we should paint or wrap our car. Although they apparently accomplish the same result, the reality is that there are many differences in covering your car with vinyl wraps and painting it.

Should I Paint or Wrap My Car?

Wrap vs Paint

Your car in spite of being an engine in four wheels, it establishes a different kind of filial tie with you, with the progress of time. You are continually worried about every nitty-gritty aspect of your vehicle. It is never a onetime investment for owners, because you constantly need to expend means to preserve its beauty and efficiency. But with the progress of time, the luster of the body of your car gradually diminishes, and its time you expend something to revive it, rather than to add some innovation to it. Now, the question which always rises, is; should you paint or wrap your car? Because both of them are necessary ways to preserve you car’s beauty.

Pricing and Affordability

The first criterion that needs to be kept in mind is the economic flexibility of both options. There is no way to accurately fixate the costs for car wraps or for painting, because there are other nuances attached to it. A basic car wrap might deem cheaper than painting your car, but the prices of the wraps credibly increase with the inclusion of details to the primary design of the vehicle wrap. For example, if you want your car to bear an essence of your likes on its body, a butterfly, a Gothic figure or an invigorating message – the inclusion of all these aspects, also the usage of many colors in your car wrap, will increase the price of your vehicle wrap considerately. Also, in case of getting your car painted by a professional, the charges for the same tasks would be quite negotiable with the person or group concerned, meeting your economic interests as well.


The most advantageous nuance of using vehicle wraps is that they can be removed anytime, anyplace you want it to. Though in order for removal, professional help is advised. A professional vinyl wrap uninstaller can remove the wrap on your car in minimal time, leaving no traces behind. If you are fickle with choices and designs, then car wraps are the perfect alternative for you. But for painting your vehicle, you again need to send your car to a professional and that would be a time consuming affair. Also, sometimes painting can really depreciate the value of your car. But vehicle vinyl wraps are completely removable. If you are into advertising or in any field that requires propaganda, you can continually change your vinyl wrap, according to your convenience.

Time Employed in The Process

Installing a wrap on your car is a hassle free and fast process, and is definitely your feasible option if you have little time to waste. Painting your car might keep it off the streets for as long as three weeks. A complete car wrap design and installing it properly on your vehicle might be accomplished within 2 to 5 days.


On a more farsighted note, car wraps might not vouch for equal longevity as paint does, but they are quite a competition to paints, in terms of durability. A wrap can last 4-6 years, which is not much less than the 8 years of what paint lasts on your vehicle.

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