Finding The Cheapest Electricity Rates in Houston

Do you want to find the cheapest electricity rates in Houston and save money? Many people in Houston, Texas do and fortunately this is something that is quite possible.

Here we’re going to share with you some of Texas Electricity Examiner’s best tips, so your dollars stay in your wallet instead of at the energy company. With a little planning and preparation, you can be in a terrific position to save save save!

Tip #1: Focus on Your Needs to get the Best Electric Prices

Every family, individual and couple’s needs are going to be different. You can’t compare what your neighbor or family members do, to what you need. What is most important is that you find an electric rate and energy plan that works for when you want to use electricity most, so you can make the most of it. When you do this, you simply can’t help but get the best prices and deals.

Tip #2: A Cheap Electricity Rate Only is Good if it Offers What You Want

This is one of the most important tips that we can share with you. Don’t be tempted to switch energy provider, simply because you see a catchy commercial that mentions a super cheap electric rate. Your electricity needs and when you most often use it is the #1 concern! If that bargain electricity rate does not cover the peak times you need, then you won’t save as much as you’d hoped to.

Visit the PUC website to learn about the different billing terms from all electricity companies in Houston, TX.

Tip #3: When Do You Use Electricity?

You must sit down, with pen and paper and think about when you use electricity the most. If you have a family, create a chart and track when you think each member of the family will use it too. Then you will start to see patterns of when most of the family is using electricity.

For example, if you have school-aged children, they may be coming home from school and turning on a computer to do homework. If it is summer, they could be turning on the air conditioner and then turning on other electric devices at the same time, because maybe they are home from summer camp. So the afternoon would be a time you would hope to have a great electricity rate, as your household would always be a very active user.

Finding The Cheapest Electricity Rates in Houston

Tip #4: Sit Down with Your Family to Discover Electricity Use

If you’ve charted out when you think your family uses electricity, but you don’t think it is giving you a clear picture, then it would be more helpful to actually sit down with them. A great time to do this would be right after everyone has had dinner.

Most kids and teens don’t think about using electricity, because it is always there. So we recommend that you ask them what activities they do during the day. Then you can ask them follow up questions. For example, if they say “in the morning I take a shower, dry my hair and brush my teeth” then you can ask “so you use the hair dryer and an electric toothbrush?”

Tip# 5: Do You Want Free Electricity on the Weekends?

Now, free electricity on the weekends is a very attractive benefit for an electricity company to offer! One of the reasons this makes people grin from ear to ear, is because weekends are a time when kids are off from school and most people have free time away from work. So you can be at home, enjoying fun activities as a family.

But keep in mind, that this is not always something to switch your electric service for. If all of your kids are super active in sports activities and your family is always attending their games, or you spend many weekends visiting family and friends who are nearby, then you are less likely to be home. So a different plan that does not offer free weekends electricity might actually save you more money in the long run!

Tip #6: Do You Want Free Electricity in the Evenings?

Here is another great benefit you’ll often see Houston electricity companies offering. It’s hard to resist, the thought of being able to have free electricity every night!

This is only good for you if it is a time when you are home to enjoy it. If you are an individual looking for cheap electricity rates and you take classes in the evening, then you won’t be home to make the most of this free time.

Tip #7: Track Your Electricity Use Before You Sign up For Any Plan

Psst! Want to save the most money from your energy plan? This takes a little effort, but the benefits you get from it are excellent. We want you to track your activities (day and night) that use electricity!

No, your tracking does not have to be super detailed. Do remember you will get the best results if you maintain your regular routine instead of doing things differently.

Then take your results, visit Texas Electricity Examiner and review which of the Houston electricity rates will keep the most cash in your pocket. Because we want you to save while getting a great plan!

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