Considerations When Choosing a Car Wrap Color

Hey! Is it time to wrap your car? You’ve got a decision to make: what color to select.

Wrapping your car is a great choice. It’s about 50% cheaper than a high quality paint job and you can change your car wrap almost instantly if you decide to change the color. This is a terrific way to express your personal style. If you want people to notice your car and realize it is you behind the wheel, choosing your favorite color is the perfect way to capture their attention!

But did you know there is more to a color than simply looks? You can use what is called “color psychology,” something that some of the biggest companies like Yahoo! Facebook, McDonalds and Virgin use on us each and every day. Color psychology is quite subtle, but affects how we see something, yes, like a car.

Popular Car Wrap Colors to Consider

Each color instantly brings specific emotions and qualities to mind. Here are some of the most common car wrap colors for you to consider:

  • Yellow Car Wraps – Optimistic, Cheerful, Happy and Warm
  • Orange Car Wraps – Confident, Wealth and Luxury
  • Red Car Wraps – Bold, High Energy and Exciting
  • Purple Car Wraps – Wealth, Mysterious and Creative
  • Blue Car Wraps – Loyal, Teamwork and Strong
  • Green Car Wraps – Health, Education/Learning and The Earth
Considerations When Choosing a Car Wrap Color

There may be instant reactions you have to specific colors. Perhaps you’ve always had a favorite color, or this has changed over time. Or maybe there are certain colors that you have never liked.

Professionals and companies make split second decisions based on colors too. Did you know that if you wear red to a business meeting, you are seen as the person in charge of the group – even if you are not in management? If a restaurant adds the color orange to its decor, that people will eat more because this color somehow sparks people to think they are hungrier? People become anxious more often in rooms that are yellow and calm down in rooms that are blue? That people with red cars typically pay about 20% more in car insurance – regardless of age or sex or driving history – because red cars are considered quite “speedy?”

Take a look at your favorite vinyl wrap colors and see what emotions or qualities are instantly connected with them. Do you like them? Or is there a color that has emotions and qualities that you would want people to connect with you more? It’s going to sound funny, but that might actually be a color to consider. We also suggest asking you local wrap shop about the benefits of wrapping you car in the specific colors you may have in mind.

Other Considerations About Selecting a Car Wrap:

  • Don’t choose a color that is too light, such as beige. If you wind up driving in snowy or foggy weather conditions, your car will be much harder to see. Instead pick a color that is brighter, more vibrant and that people will notice.
  • We also recommend you consider against selecting a color that is too dark, such as deep navy, forest green, gloss black or deep purple – with concern for driving at night. If there is poor visibility on the road, your car wraps will be harder to see.
  • Some car wrap colors are very popular, such as satin white, matte black and metallic blue. If you need to find your car in a parking lot or at an event, it is really helpful if it stands out a little bit! Look at green, orange, red and and metallic brown for example. These are vinyl wrap colors that are quite innovative and look terrific. Or simply choose your favorite wrap color – because we know you’ll always look for that one wherever you go!

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